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Volume 11

Cumulative Index, Bibliography, List of Correspondence, Chronology, and Errata to Volumes 1 - 10

Volume 11

Compiled by: A. J. Kox, Tilman Sauer, Diana Kormos Buchwald, Rudy Hirschmann, Osik Moses, Benjamin Aronin, Jennifer Stolper
With assistance of: József Illy, Jennifer Nollar, Carol Chaplin

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An invaluable research tool for delving into Einstein's written legacy; his interactions with colleagues, institutions, friends, and family; and his scientific, political, educational, and social activities, this volume provides quick access to the most authoritative compilation of documents and information concerning Einstein's work and correspondence for the first half of his life.

It contains the first complete bibliography of Einstein's scientific and nonscientific writings until1921, and a succinct biographical time line.

Cumulative Index to the first ten volumes of the collected papers, an exhaustive name and subject index.

Three important and unique bibliographies

List of Writings, 1891-1921 (including all of Einstein's manuscripts that remained unpublished by 1921)
Einstein Bibliography, 1901- 1921 (includes all known versions of his writings for this period)
The Cumulative Bibliography and Index of Citations to Volumes 1-10
list all literature written by authors cited in at least one of the first ten volumes of the series.

Two complete lists of Einstein's correspondence up through 1920

Chronological List of Correspondence, 1895-1920
Alphabetical List of Correspondence, 1895-1920 (by correspondent)

The indexes and bibliographies implicitly correct inconsistencies and errata across the different volumes.

A List of Errata for the first ten volumes of the series.