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Albert Einstein (1879–1955), one of the foremost scientists and public figures of the 20th century, revolutionized our views of time and space, matter and light, gravitation and the universe.

The Einstein Papers Project is engaged in one of the most ambitious scholarly publishing ventures undertaken in the history of science. The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein provides the first complete picture of Einstein’s massive written legacy.


Published Volumes

Online / On Paper

With the publication of its most recent Volume 16, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein series now covers Einstein's life and work up to his 50th birthday. It presents, as annotated full text, 600 writings by Einstein and 4,000 letters written by and to him. An additional 4,500 documents appear in abstract.

Einstein Archives Online

A unique resource: You can access our database of 90,000+ records of all known Einstein manuscripts and correspondence and also search the full text of 2,000 digitized items.

While the Archives updates their site, this link provides temporary access to the database.



HPS Podcast

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In the latest episode of The HPS Podcast: History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science, host Samara Greenwood converses with EPP editor Josh Eisenthal about various topics raised in interviews over the course of its first season. Launched in 2023 the podcast is meant to introduce contemporary topics in HPS to a general audience; it has been developed by scholars and students in the HPS program at the University of Melbourne. [Episode]


In Our Time

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Diana Buchwald, John Heilbron, and Richard Staley speak on the well-known BBC 4 radio show. Melvyn Bragg, host of the long running program In Our Time and guests discuss the man who, in 1905, produced several papers that were to change the world of physics and whose name went on to become a byword for genius. [Episode]


NEH Grant

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On August 15, the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded the Einstein Papers Project at Caltech a $300,000 outright award in its scholarly editions and translations program. The grant will support the preparation for print publication of volumes 17, 18, and 19 of the writings, lectures, and letters of Einstein for the period 1930–1933, which includes Einstein’s three visits to Caltech.


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