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Albert Einstein (1879–1955), one of the foremost scientists and public figures of the 20th century, revolutionized our views of time and space, matter and light, gravitation and the universe.

The Einstein Papers Project is engaged in one of the most ambitious scholarly publishing ventures undertaken in the history of science. The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein provides the first complete picture of Einstein’s massive written legacy.


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With the publication of its most recent Volume 16, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein series now covers Einstein's life and work up to his 50th birthday. It presents, as annotated full text, 600 writings by Einstein and 4,000 letters written by and to him. An additional 4,500 documents appear in abstract.

Einstein Archives Online

A unique resource: You can access our database of 90,000+ records of all known Einstein manuscripts and correspondence and also search the full text of 2,000 digitized items.



Commemorations: Einstein's Birthday & His First Visit to the United States

screenshot from PUP's Ideas blog featuring Kennefick's article

screenshot of Dan Falk's article on Smithsonian Magazine website

Einstein's 142nd birthday fell on March 14, 2021. Among various Pi Day + AE tributes, the occasion was also marked with a delightful post written by Daniel Kennefick, EPP Scientific Editor, for Princeton University Press' blog. Happy 40th, Einstein! is in the "History of Science and Knowledge" section of PUP: Ideas. Einstein's fortieth birthday was in 1919. Kennefick writes "unbeknownst to Einstein, this birthday would be the last one he could enjoy in comfortable obscurity. Events were in motion that would make him an international celebrity literally overnight before the year was out."

This April marks the centenary of Einstein's first visit to the United States. On April 2, 1921, Einstein arrived at the port of New York. The ensuing fanfare and his whistle stop tour of a wide swath of the United States is described in detail in Smithsonian Magazine. Canadian science journalist, Dan Falk interviewed EPP General Editor and Director Diana Kormos Buchwald and EPP Assistant Director and Senior Editor Ze'ev Rosenkranz for the piece. Read Falk's insightful article on the Smithsonian website: One Hundred Years Ago, Einstein Was Given a Hero’s Welcome by America’s Jews.


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