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Who We Are

Project Editors and Staff Diana Buchwald A.J. Kox Ze'ev Rosenkranz Jenny Nollar James Dan J. Kennefick Tilman Sauer Jennifer L. Rodgers Emily Araújo Josh Eisenthal Sini Elvington Barbara Wolff Neymika Jain Rosita Fu Liam Silvera József Illy

Our international scholars and support staff collect, transcribe, annotate, and publish The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein.

Current Editors & Staff

Diana Kormos Buchwald, Director & General Editor, Robert M. Abbey Professor of History at Caltech. A historian of modern physical science, she serves as co-editor of the documentary edition, and has overall responsibility for the running of the project, fundraising, and the English language translation project.
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Ze'ev Rosenkranz, Senior Editor & Assistant Director, past Curator of the Albert Einstein Archives, Jerusalem. Archivist and historian, he works on materials pertaining to Einstein's family correspondence and to Jewish and political issues.
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Emily de Araújo, Assistant Editor & Public Relations Administrator. Trained in Fine Arts, she gathers and processes images used in the CPAE. Other work includes website management, outreach and providing support for financial oversight of the project.
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Joshua Eisenthal, Research Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Philosopher of science specializing in 19th and 20th century physics and early analytic philosophy. Recent work focuses on foundations of classical mechanics, interpretations of physical geometry, and the scientific influences on early Wittgenstein. Joined the Einstein Papers Project in October of 2019.
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Sinikka (Sini) Elvington, Assistant Editor & Office Manager. Involved in all aspects of editorial work for both documentary edition and translation volumes. Handles accessioning to our shared archival database and maintains daily office operations. 
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Jennifer Nollar James, Associate Editor, serves as managing co-editor of the English Translation volumes of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein and manages workflow of CPAE original documentary edition, while providing support through historical research and organization of all archival and research materials.
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Jennifer L. Rodgers, Research Assistant Professor of History, Historian specializing in modern Europe, including Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, and the politics of memory; human rights and humanitarianism; and the history of medicine, especially obstetrics and gynecology. Joined the Einstein Papers Project in June of 2019.
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Current Collaborators

József Illy, Senior Editor & Visiting Associate in History at Caltech. Historian of science, he is mainly occupied with annotating Einstein's correspondence and various scientific writings with special expertise related to Einstein’s patent work.
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Daniel Kennefick, Scientific Editor & Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Arkansas. Physicist and historian of science specializing in gravitational waves, he works on the scientific annotation of relativistic materials.
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A. J. Kox, Senior Editor & Visiting Associate in History at Caltech, Emeritus Professor at the University of Amsterdam. A historian of physics, he has been co-editor of Volumes 3-15 of the CPAE, devoting over three decades of scholarship to the project.
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Dennis Lehmkuhl, Scientific Editor & Lichtenberg Professor of History and Philosophy of Physics at the University of Bonn. Philosopher of science, he works on scientific annotation of relativistic materials and unified field theory.
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Tilman Sauer, Scientific Editor & Professor of History of Mathematics and of Science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz & Visiting Associate in History at Caltech. He works on scientific annotation of relativistic materials and unified field theory.

Barbara Wolff, Editorial and Research Assistant, after a long tenure at the Albert Einstein Archives, she continues to carry out archival and library research on behalf of the project.
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William Brewer, Steven Rendall

Research and IT Assistants

Jacquelyn J. Bussone (Lewis & Clark), Rosita Fu (Caltech), Neymika Jain (Caltech), Liam Silvera (Caltech), Jennifer Wunn (University of Birmingham)